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    [Forum Column] The Sixth AV Actress Authorised Head - D8 Akari Tsumugi Comment
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    Sino-doll Lv15 OP 2022-7-22 09:24:13
    Forum Column
    Today we are introducing our Japanese AV actress authorized head - D8 Akari Tsumugi. Ms. Akira Tsumugi has been known as "miracle beautiful girl" since her debut. She is also worthy of the word "miracle". Her pure and pleasant face, soft and sweet smile, gentle and magnetic voice make people unconsciously melt into her tenderness. She is a well-known Ivy female artist in Japan, born in Kanagawa Prefecture, and currently works for C-more Entertainment. She debuted as early as January 2017 through a photo DVD (イメージDVD); in March of that year, she officially started of AV shooting as the exclusive actress of the IP agency. In May 2018, he won the special award for DMM's 2018 Restricted Works - Takei Souji. OL, student, teacher, housewife, Ms. Akari Tsumugi can realize all your fantasies and satisfy your inner expectations. The shortest answer is doing. Akari Tsumugi is waiting for you to take her home!

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