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    Feet Thumb and Sole Joints for Top-sino Series. Comment
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    Sino-doll Lv15 OP 2022-7-21 16:58:52
    Hi guys,

    Glad to share a good new here after Chinese New Year.
    Except for specific models like T165 and T170, feet thumb and sole joints are available for all the models from Top-sino series now, of course, I mean full size dolls only.
    It’s been a heavy workload for us to update all the moulds of Top-sino’s models to insure their compatibility with these new joints. However, As long as it provides a better user experience, it is definitely worth it.
    Many of you may know that we have launched this new joint since the model of T170, but I believe that most of you don’t realize it practical purpose.

    While dressing up a doll, there is always a pair of exquisite high heel needed.
    With the application of sole joints, it can make the foot fit more closely into the arc of the high heel. In this way, your girl can be presented more realistic and lifelike. It's a visual delight.
    2.Enjoyment of using
    And about the Enjoyment of using, I would rather let you guys to explore and unlock. However, I will share you one of them first. Don’t be lazy and wiggle your finger and click on the Google drive link below to check more.
    https://drive.google.com/file/d/ ... DYWYse5ESG9YTb/view
    848B42C5-14F4-4531-A0A2-FE9E9CC2ECEC.jpeg 969F1437-5890-4626-9F4F-A8121FDC439D.jpeg
    We are here waiting for you to unlock more interesting devices!

    Nicole from Sino-doll

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    2022-10-27 13:37:33 回复

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